Bag Filter Equipment

  • BAS-1 Bag Assembly Station

    BAS-1 Bag Assembly Station
    • 1 operator
    • Price includes pneumatic rivet gun and stapler
    • Capable of 20” & 24” Headers
  • MRS-1 Stapler

    MRS-1 Stapler
    • Use for stapling Mouth Rings together
    • Pneumatic Operation
  • MRW-1 Mouth Ring Welder

    MRW-1 Mouth Ring Welder
    • Weld Mouth Rings
    • Adjustable sizes
    • Auto eject
  • SBS-1 Special Sealer

    SBS-1 Special Sealer
    • 1 operator
    • For heat sealing cube style or bag filters
    • Works well with heat seal able fibers
    • Various bar lengths available at additional cost
  • 10HWWC Hot Wire Webbing Cutter

    10HWWC Hot Wire Webbing Cutter
    • 1 operator
    • For cutting the webbing inside of pocket filters for assembly onto "J" Channels
    • Works well with synthetic webbing
    • Various wire length assemblies available at additional cost
  • ABS-1 Automatic Bottom Sealer

    ABS-1 Automatic Bottom Sealer
    • 1 operator
    • For producing bags (or pockets) from rolls
    • Works with heat sealable medias
    • Manual and Automatic mode
    • Temperature and dwell timer controls
    • Click Here for Demonstration Video
  • MPC-1 Manual Pad Cutter

    MPC-1 Manual Pad Cutter
    • Adjustable Magnetic Stop
    • Unwind arms and shaft
    • Replaceable blades

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