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Our Company Mission

Filtration Technology Systems, LLC. is a designer and manufacturer of quality production equipment for the air filter industry, built on the principle that there is intrinsic value as well as personal and financial reward in producing products and services that offer customers more value than they expect to receive. We succeed only if our customers succeed. We are part of a much larger community to which we are compelled to act responsibly, and we do so when we help protect our country’s economic interests, the environment, and consider the individual in all of our business affairs. Our services include attainable lead times, custom designed applications, design for low cost manufacturing as well as consulting. In short, we are a robust company that adapts to the ups and downs of the industry so our customers can depend on us to be there when they need us; good times or bad.

Filtration Technologies was born out of Production Equipment after the owner DuWayne Wilkins saw the opportunity to bring change and new ideas into the filter manufacturing equipment market. DuWayne worked at American Air Filter for 20+ years and was the Manufacturing Engineering Manager when he left in 1990 to pursue an interest in owning his own company.

Company History


In 1991 Brian Morris, a former employee of American Air Filter joined him at Production Equipment while finishing his senior year at the University of Louisville, shortly there after the two began developing and building equipment for the air filter industry. Brian has been involved with all aspects from building the equipment to training, purchasing and sales. He has traveled throughout the United States, Saudi Arabia and Europe.


As business grew so did the company and in 1994 another former American Air Filter employee, Bill Noel joined DuWayne and it wasn’t long until Filtration Technologies was born and in full swing. Bill, a machinist by trade, was instrumental not only in the building of machines but also in recommending improvements to design. Bill has traveled extensively throughout the United States and Canada installing equipment and training filter companies on the proper operation and maintenance of the machines.


In 1995 Filtration Technologies did a complete factory start up in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for the Desert Air Filter Factory. What started out as one small machine in 1991 had now grown into several pieces of equipment for producing air filters.

Change was constant as was the desire to always build better machines that increased productivity without increasing labor. 1995 also saw the addition of a design engineer, John Huffman. John came from the printing industry having 14 years experience around high-speed machines for printing and binding. His experience in this area proved beneficial in helping determine proper ways of handling a product and predicting how the product would react.

With business growing the company saw the need to use outside vendors to produce parts for the various pieces of equipment. S & J Precision, owned by Sheila and Steve Wallace, became a primary supplier for these fabricated parts. With the CNC machining centers, laser, welding and fabrication capabilities they quickly became the primary source for fabricated parts making the transition of ownership and manufacturing easier.

March 2005

In March 2005, DuWayne was looking forward to semi-retirement after 35 years in the filter industry. With the history between Filtration Technologies and S & J Precision the match seemed perfect. S & J had the facility and great capabilities to move to the next level of production. Bill made the move to S & J in January 2005, while Brian and John transitioned over in March 2005. The name was changed slightly due to the move to Indiana and is now Filtration Technology Systems, LLC.


Since that time the company has grown over 4 times its previous size and has added new equipment to our standard line with well over 30 standard machines. The growth also necessitated adding an additional Design Engineer to keep up with the pace of growth and to help in designing new equipment. As a result FTS now offers total turnkey production lines for air filter production and can take on new custom designs as well. Branching outside the air filtration world with automation equipment has also been accomplished with our growth and expanded capabilities. We see the opportunities as limitless!

Clients in 23 Countries

Our Services

As a leading producer of automation equipment, Filtration Technology Systems not only manufactures and designs filtration manufacturing equipment, pleating equipment, filter and filtration equipment, rotary pleaters, air filter production equipment and laminating equipment but also offers our customers consulting services, outstanding post production support and training.

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